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Aaron and Natalie Married At Mara West Camp, Kenya, Africa By Josselyn Peterson

I cannot even begin to express how absolutely incredible the adventure getting to this wedding, being taken in as family, and being shown Africa like I could have never imagined.

Aaron and Natalie were married at Aaron’s family’s safari camp, Mara West Camp, in Kenya. The camp overlooks the stunning landscape of Masai Mara National Reserve, or The Mara. My husband was able to come with me to Kenya and I am so grateful for the once in a lifetime memories we made. One of the first mornings we were there we were woken up by a baboon running back and forth across the roof of our canvas ‘tent’. I use the term ‘tent’ lightly, as the Mara West Camp has some of the most luxurious  ’tent’ cabin rooms that I have ever stayed in. We were able to stay for a week at the camp with Aaron, Natalie and their friends and family, which was so fun to get to know them on a more personal level.

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Their wedding ceremony was held under some perfectly arching trees with the whole of The Mara as the backdrop. I mean really, simply breath-taking. Following the ceremony it was incredible to watch a local Masai woman place a beautifully colorful traditional wedding necklace on her. How many people can say they have had that kind of honor! Everyone then made their way to the outdoor patio area for a relaxing cocktail hour as the sun began to set. I couldn’t have pictured a more beautiful day. Oh, and did I mention that I got to have Aaron and Natalie chase after a couple zebras that were in camp that day. So fun.

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I will be sharing our personal travel photos soon!

If you ever feel like having an out of this world, once in a lifetime adventure I highly suggest checking out Mara West Camp. It is the whole package, gorgeous location, luxurious and comfortable bungalow, amazing food, friendly staff, and an insane safari!

Thank you, Aaron and Natalie for letting us be a part of your wedding week and making us feel so welcome. I hope to be back to visit sometime!

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