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Game Drives:

Game drives.

Game viewing in the great expanse of the Masai Mara National Game Reserve is the highlight of a stay at Mara West Camp, which is located 5 kms. from the Oloololo Park Gate, making the park easily accessible to clients throughout the year.  Safaris take the guests down into Masai Mara, where some of the world’s most impressive wildlife can be viewed.  Often picnics are arranged in the park, enabling guests to travel further into remote areas.  Mara West provides safaris in 4×4 vehicles with specially outfitted open hatches for prime game viewing and photography.

Birdwatchers enjoy a wide diversity of bird life at Mara West, with birds of prey soaring on the updrafts from the escarpment and special varieties nesting in the thicket that grows along the escarpment’s edge.

In addition, clients may opt to enjoy a bush breakfast or sundowners, or take a guided walking safari in a the designated walking area exclusively bordered by Mara West Camp. And no visit to Kenya is complete without the unique cultural experience of visiting a Maasai Boma, where the day-to-day lifestyle of the Maasai can be witnessed first hand by visiting clients of Mara West Camp.

Shared all day game drives: $150 pp (min 2)

Excl. use of vehicle: $400 per day

3 Hour shared game drive: $75 pp  (min 2)

Walking Tours:

Walking Tours.

Join a guided nature walk in designated areas exclusively bordered by Mara West Camp.  An experienced guide offers visitors a chance to experience Kenya flora, birds, and wildlife on foot.

$25.00* per person

Maasai Boma Tour:

Maasai Boma Tours.

No visit to Kenya is complete without this truly unique cultural experience.  See the day-to-day lifestyle of the Maasai first hand by visiting a functioning Boma, an authentic residence of local Maasai who welcome clients of Mara West into their home.

$30.00 * per person

Traditional Dances:

Traditional Dances

Best known for their red clothing and height, the Maasai tribe places great emphases on traditional dances and music.  Sit in on the festivities and see for yourself. Hear first-hand accounts of life as a Maasai.  These talks, in English, will provide listeners with a glimpse into Maasai lifestyle and traditions, with an opportunity to ask questions.

$180.00* group rate (min 5 pax)  – Dance Group  (10 Maasai)

$240.00* group rate (10 pax and above)– Dance Group  (20 Maasai)

Tour Schools and Development Activities:

School Visits

Development work by the NGO, Africa Mission Services (an affiliate of Mara West), provides local Maasai with access to primary schools, a clinic that meets basic medical needs, and improved water sources.   Visit these projects, meet staff and students, and learn more about the improved quality of life that these and other development projects make for local communities.

$55.00* per person

Get Involved:

Get involved in projects.

For guests staying three or more days, consider getting involved in a development project to benefit the local Maasai community.  Volunteer at a community school, building project, or clinic.  Ask at the Business Office to learn more about volunteer opportunities available during your stay.

In addition to those activities we also offer the following during your stay with us:

  • Extra meals: $30 pp
  • Sunrise breakfast at the lookout: $30 pp (min 2)
  • Private Dinner outside your porch: $55
  • Bush Breakfast in your own vehicle: $ 25 pp
  • Bush Breakfast in Mara West vehicle:$ 35 pp
  • Bush walk to a Bush Breakfast: $45 pp (min 2)
  • Sundowner at the edge of Camp: $ 20 pp
  • Bush Dinner: $95 (min 2)
  • Airstrip transfers (from Kichwa Tembo, Angama): $30 pp one way
  • Airstrip transfers (from Serena, Musiara): $45 pp one way
  • Airstrip transfers (from other airstrips in the Masai Mara): $65 pp one way
  • Transfers from Mara West to Isibania Border: $360
  • Transfers from Mara West to other Camps in the Mara: $240

All activities require advance booking.

* Proceeds directly benefit the Maasai community and provide business opportunity to the individuals involved.