To Drive or to Fly to the Maasai Mara?

The Maasai Mara is about 280 Km. west from Nairobi City. There are two ways to get to the Maasai Mara. You can choose to drive or to fly to the Mara. Driving will take you about 5-6 hours while flying takes about 40-45 minutes. Both driving and flying to Maasai Mara has both advantages […]

How does Safari in Masai Mara Compare with other Popular Game Reserves in Africa?

You’ve probably heard great things about the game viewing in Masai Mara. Indeed, the wildlife is varied and plentiful, providing ample opportunities for great photos and sight seeing. But let see how a safari in Masai Mara compares with other popular game reserves in Africa. For starters, Masai Mara is widely known to have one […]

The Wild Night Experience at Mara West Camp

Nights at Mara West are usually slightly chilly, with a clear bright and blue darkness. Stars highlight the skies, bringing out beauty of nights in the wild. The winds give a sense of tranquillity and being one with nature. Big cat predators, like the lioness, are preparing themselves for their nightly hunts, the dangers of […]

Taking a Safari to Masai Mara? Read this First: Final Part

There are so many good things about Masai Mara that it’s hard, if not impossible, to list them all. Now let us talk about the not so good things about the Mara. #4 The Bugs Lets start by putting a spotlight on one that many people are especially grateful for…the lack of bugs. Due to […]

Taking a Safari to Masai Mara? Read this First: Part Two

So last time we talked about the Kenyan roads and the migration. Now let’s see what are the main activities in the Mara. #3 Activities Of course game drives are the main attraction in Masai Mara. But let’s talk about some of the other activities one can do when visiting Masai Mara. Depending on where […]

Taking a Safari to Masai Mara? Read this First: Part One

#1 The Roads You’ve seen the photos of the great wildebeest migration through Masai Mara, and now you’ve decided that you want to see this incredible sight for yourself. Or maybe you are a wildlife enthusiast who is eager to snap your own photos of Africa’s Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, Cape buffalo) that […]

June in the Masai Mara – A Mara West Guide

June is generally a nice, cool month. It is particularly quite cold during the wee hours of the morning, and when it’s dead in the night. The grass in the plains is still quite long, and the green color has just about started to fade. Tourists are not as many around this time, thus the […]

A Game Drive In the Mara- What to Expect

A game drive in Maasai Mara can be fun all year round. There is no particular time of the year when you will not find wildlife in the Game Reserve. However, if you are more fascinated by the 8th Wonder of the world, the wildebeest migration, the best time for a Kenyan Safari will be […]

A spectacular view of the Masai Mara by Hot Air Balloon

The Masai Mara may be the most unique place in the world for a balloon safari. There are no power grid lines, no fences and few visible roads. A hot air balloon flight means rising earlier than the usual time for a morning game drive- but it is an early start that is worth the […]

The Maasai – Indigenously Proud.

Tall, dark, slender, fearless, proud and free, are some of the words that describe the most celebrated people in East Africa, the Maasai. They live in the southern part of Kenya and spread down to the northern part of Tanzania. The Maasai are great herders of cattle and live in the open wild, sharing their […]