A spectacular view of the Masai Mara by Hot Air Balloon

The Masai Mara may be the most unique place in the world for a balloon safari. There are no power grid lines, no fences and few visible roads. A hot air balloon flight means rising earlier than the usual time for a morning game drive- but it is an early start that is worth the while.

As dawn gradually breaks, so does the balloon rise, allowing the first breath-taking glimpse of its wild, stretching expanse below. Suspended in a basket beneath the rainbow coloured canopy, you’re off for an adventure of a lifetime. Zebra families graze below, and with the sound of the hot air burner, they stampede across the plain. The matriarchal elephant groups meander towards their favourite drinking spots, herds of the Thompson’s gazelle run wild while a lone lion surveys its territory with pride.

After an hour or so, the balloon flight comes to an end with an exhilarating touchdown. In the honored tradition of balloon flights, you get to toast your return to the ground with champagne and a delightful breakfast. The difference is that the breakfast happens in the bush, wherever you land, and it’s cooked as you wait and interact with the pilots.

When breakfast is over and done with, and the adrenaline rush has just about died down, a game drive awaits while heading back to Mara West reliving the memories of the morning adventure.

The epic balloon safari can be reserved in advance at Mara West especially for high season, and it is an experience you do not want to miss out on.

Balloon Safari Mara West Camp

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